5 Things to Consider When Teaching Seniors in the 4th Quarter

1. Rarely is anyone actually thinking about what you are saying in the classroom.  Evidence of this: constant repetition of instructions and the phrase, “Would someone please tell so-and-so what I just said?” combined with the glare of death.

2. Despite having heaps of 4th Quarter work, my seniors wallow around study hall, seemingly bored but, in reality, just trying to cope with the transitions they are facing.

3. There are a ridiculous amount of meetings and deadlines and projects and such – and that’s just for the teachers.  Let’s not count the meetings and deadlines and projects and such that our students are facing.

4. Quarter 4 is probably not ideal when it comes introducing a new graduation expectation.  There will be a significant amount of flak from both seniors and parents.


5. Just when the fun is really starting, your classes are meshing, the conversations have depth, the expectations are being met and exceeded, you suddenly realize that this batch will be gone in a mere 20-some days.  And you start to wonder, “Will this year’s juniors be as amazing when they’re seniors?”


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