The next step…

I’m pretty amazed when I look back at the last 11 years.  When I graduated from high school, I never imagined some of the adventures that I would have.  I don’t think I could have even dreamed them in my wildest dreams.  And now, I make the next step of the not-in-my-wildest dreams.  After a good 5-plus years of contemplating the what, when, where, how, I’m in grad school.  I started a Masters in School Librarianship last month.  I’m excited about what this means for me, for my career, and for my students.  I’m in the US for another few months before heading back overseas.  I’m hoping for a time of renewal, memory-making with friends and family, and preparation for the next, next step…becoming the middle and high school librarian.  Exciting days.


About msbecs

An incomplete but alphabetical list: Believer. Daughter. Friend. Learner. Librarian. Sister. TCK. Teacher. YA Literature Devotee.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my site!
    I am really excited to find your blog, as I love serving as my school’s librarian. I wonder if a Masters in School Librarianship is something I could chip away at over time? Hmmm.
    Where are you going to do it, outside the US? Good luck!

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