The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


This book was truly amazing.  Among the digital responses to this book:

A facebook message to my good friend/housemate:

  • Tuesday @ 12:03 am: So did you hear me bawling my eyes out? So much for a good night’s sleep. It’ll be puffy eyes and yawns for most of the day tomorrow.

A series of e-mails and texts from a student to whom I loaned my Kindle while I was out of town…she said she wouldn’t have time to read that weekend:

  • Friday @ 11:07 pm: So I promised myself I would only read ONE chapter, then I’d get to doing work. One chapter became two, then four, then finally six. I had to force myself to stop reading so I could finally get back to work. It was so worth it though. I laughed out loud and sighed and felt my heart break in about a billion places in the book so far and I’ve only finished about 30% of it (so the Kindle tells me). I will admit got a little confused where the sentence literally was cut in half as she was describing how AIA ended. I was seriously about to text you asking if there was a glitch or something. It took me a couple of re-reads to catch onto that one. Very clever, John Green.
    It’s. So. Good.
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this. I can’t wait to get back to it.
  • Saturday @ 9:32 pm: I couldn’t do it, Ms. VW.  I couldn’t stay away.  And now that I’m done with the book, there is honestly no bucket in this house big enough to hold the waterfall that have gushed out of my poor eyeballs.  Everytime I remember Gus is dead and I reread the parts about multiple infinities between 1 and 0 and how he lit up like a Christmas tree after the PET and the eulogy at the end where it all comes together, there is a huge swelling in my chest and I love then hate then love the book again. My heart feels like a crumpled sheet of paper.
  • Sunday @ 5:31 pm: Thank you so much for recommending me the book.  It really, really was the best ever. From the pre-funeral chapter all the way to the final eulogy of the last chapter, I read the book through a sloppy veil of tears.  There was so much in there that really hit home.  Ahhhhhh.  I love you forever for lending me the kindle.  I thank you from the bottom of my currently broken heart.

There’s a rumor going around about the existence of a video of another student bawling her eyes out at the dinner table after finishing the book.  Haven’t seen it yet but will update this post if I find it.

* Originally bought and read on my Kindle.
* Found a signed copy at Fully Booked in Fort Bonifacio.
* Bought a copy for the library at National Bookstore in SM Masinag.


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  1. I was only able to read this post now, since it contains spoilers. Man, there is nothing better than getting a message like this from a student. I can relate; I also read it on a kindle and estimate that the last 60% of the book was read in tears.

    BTW, this is Miss K from WordPress made me sign in with my bogus twitter account that I keep mostly for contests!

    • Isn’t it glorious?! And I just finished one of your recent recommendations…Wanderlove. Many thanks for the many great books that you send my way!

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