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Discovery: Haiku Deck

I’ve been hearing a lot about Haiku Deck from other educators.  I decided to give it a whirl for this project to test it’s capabilities and limitations.  I used the online beta version that I had applied for a week or so ago.  I’ll be interested in seeing how it works on my iPad.

From Rhyme to Poetry

Click on the image to go to see the whole deck of this presentation!


  • I love the ease of adding Creative Commons images.  It’s all right in one place!  No need to go back and forth between sites, downloading and uploading, etc.
  • Powerful image + few words = dynamic presentation.


  • Where is the “undo” button?!  I changed images a couple of times and then lost the image that really fit the idea I was looking for.
  • Few words.  This one is a plus and a minus.  Really had to condense my thoughts.  Not necessarily the best for a solo/no-talk presentation.
  • Lacking the ability to manipulate font sizes.
  • Difficult to put a single quote up as it usually went over the word count.

Bottom Line: Definitely using it again!  Definitely sharing it with friends and colleagues!