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Challenging myself to contribute to my community rather than simply consuming…

Obvious to you. Amazing to others. from Derek Sivers on Vimeo.


The Blessing of Community

There’s no doubt that my community is awesome and that I am blessed.

Evidence #1

  • My dear friends made me a superhero cape.  It has a book on it.  It was the perfect costume for this reader/librarian on Halloween Reformation Day.

Evidence #2

  • Three colleagues (who are like uncles to me) responded with listening ears, a shared sense of righteous anger, and words of encouragement when they got way more emotion than they bargained for after asking for my thoughts on an issue close to my heart.

Evidence #3

  • I had far too many examples that I desperately wanted to share of how my personal learning network/community plays a part in impacting my learning and my teaching during today’s all-staff meeting.  Narrowed it down to the amazing PD that my twitter community provides, how I use netvibes to keep track of the numerous blogs that I follow, and a first small step that one can take to be a part of their own learning community – putting yourself out there!

A line drawing of success…

This is definitely something that I’ll be sharing with my students!